The goal of is to be the last player standing. You only live once per game - there is no respawn! If you've played other battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite or H1Z1, then you're already halfway there. Think of as 2D PUBG (with slightly less desync and more chicken).

You'll begin the game with no items other than a simple backpack. Move around the map to find loot: weapons, ammo, scopes, and medical items. Eliminate other players and you can take their loot!

Players aren't the only thing that can hurt you. The deadly red zone will move in from the sides of the map and deal increasingly greater damage if you stand in it. Keep an eye on the map and stay safe.


Movement: W, A, S, D

Aim: Mouse

Punch/Shoot: Left-Click

Swap Weapons: 1 and 2

Stow Weapons (Punch Mode): 3 or E

Reload: R

Pickup/Loot: F

Use Item: Click on Item

View Map: M or G

Published Dec 28, 2017
StatusIn development
Release date Nov 01, 2017
Tags2D, Multiplayer, Top-Down, Top down shooter, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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This game before is be a better, is be a fun,playable. Today this game  have full bugs and glitches and  i had one situation.  I had a M870 shotgun i came to underwater container bunker and one guy came to me with same shotgun M870  that guy have only light blue skin with no armor i shooted him arround 5 meters and i did not kill him he just staying in the place and this guy who stay at the place he instant kill me arround 5 meters with same shotgun M870 I had a lvl 2 armour and lvl 1 helmet. How is this possible i don`t know. 

This game is great but this game have lot of bugs and glitches.

I know that a helmet only helps some times it has a percentage of when it will help you and when it wont but the armor will protect you 100% the only thing i can figure is maybe he hit you will all 8 shots and you only hit him with say 5 so he did more damnage

dabman69 is the best

Are you guys gonna add different kinds of modes? Like one were there are key items that you have to pick up or whatever?

They have made different modes but they are  only up for a short time 

Oh ok. I missed those. I found out about this game like a month ago. Do you remember which modes that had?

The only  mode they had sense i started playing was where flair guns spawned more frequently so their would be loads of airdrops, it was only up for 2-3 days tho

I actually did play that mode once or twice when I first started playing.

For fuck's sake just have an option to report teamers in solos 

search for? this itz only happens if i make it like this so boring the laag i have 16000k/bit wlan and laag like hell wy this itz soo (germany) laahm arschig!! :-( not good!! the ping itz by me over 405 wth the hell!! i think this itz not wlan problem itz the server overall!! too low or the host itz set up private server fucking hell pc!! /////get cloud dammit!!

all @all the rewart sys itz terrible!!!

Getting back on been awhile


I cant sign in to my account (moving from browser as i found it on here) when i click the google sign in option the screen goes white and stays like that forever, any fix?

Will a mode without the red wall ever be added? I'd absolutely love that, but it's fun either way.


Do you mean like a death match? If you do mean something like that it wouldnt work cause if there are 5 people left it would be almost impossible to find people.

Wow this game is awesome! I've never seen a top-down battle royal (I'm sure there are more) but this is the first I've seen. And it's very cool. Good Job on the programming and art style (which is also neat)

This is the only good one based off of pubg most d shooter games are based of of fortnite now

Hey so how do you put the markers down on the map? Like the exclamation mark and present symbol.

you have have to press c while you double click

Lol i always wondered how to do that

Wait do you double click your mouse or no?


Gae t wont work for me ;-;

Figured it out you righ5t click and click c you dont have to double click


In what mode solo, or in all 3?

in solos

makes more sense lol i agree with you, although i have ever been killed by teamers once in solos 


Hi. Just saying, my name is Mimi in the game. Not that that's important.  :)

Scar-H or Famas

scar dude

I keep having a glitch where when i click it doesn't punch/shoot when i click after awhile, let me know if this is just me or if anyone else is having this problem. Thx

Why doesn't double pump work

its not working like in fortnite but you can fire 2 shots in a pump animation if you do it fast enough

Why is it almost impossible to find ammo??

the map is pretty small and theres 70 players which is why you can't waste any time when looting

Yeah but i literally dont find ammo 9/10 games 

try looking at your map by pressing m and going to crates or try killing other players too get loot

if anyone wants to join a semi-pro clan, just type SOS_ then write your usual username, (SOS_example)

I would like to join your cal i have been playing the game for four months




How to login? if I click on fb or google acc then all disapears


someone said to press alt and f4 at the same time might work might not


no problem

That was a joke xD

it was a joke??!?!


Well, pressing Alt + F4 at the same time will eventually close the program you know

It had about 8,000 people playing the game in North America when I checked on friday . So yeah the game is good 

numbers aren't everything but yeah its a pretty fun game


ugly chicken ass

xxxtentacion is dead

I hate this game because i can not see myself and cant shoot with my weapons!

the problem must be with your computer every youtube video about people can see themselves and can shoot their weapons

Too ugly to see yourself?


just zoom in. at the bottom of the game screen, there's a faint, full screen button. it's by the settings

I saw that too on the site online. none of the interacting objects showed up so I couldn't really do anything.

i can not kill anybutey

maybe cause your bad?


I still can't log in. The page goes blank all the time @_@

(1 edit) (+1)

I have same problem. using chrome. plz help!


(1 edit)

how can i play in fullscreen on mobile? The game screen just show the right part of the game and i cant see the fullscreen option.

I will have a shotgun upclose and someone with a pistol will kill easily. ill have a pistol up close and someone with fists could kill me faster



(1 edit) (+1)

1 i think the bullet ricohet is a pretty interesting gimmick but hey opinions plus theres only some walls that are reflective 2 its a fucking io game so of course the graphics aren't going to be the best and when compared to other io games actually has decent graphics 2 battle royale is a genre not just one game thats like saying call of duty ripped off battlefield because there both first person shooters 3 its kinda pathetic that your username is sucks dick and makes you look like a immature 7yr old.


This is the type of kid who has never won a game and  says the game is trash just bc they're garbage 



I've figured it out when you go to log in click Alt and F4 at the same time and it works. It only works for google though.


Am I the only person having problems logging in? Whenever I click to login all i get is a white screen and nothing appears. Plz let me know if you know anyway to fix this problem. Thank you. 


No u are not only person having problem logging in and i dont have any idea to fix it


me too!


Hey, i cant log in! i press Google, or Twitch, or Disscord, and the page goes blank...


yeah, me too...


Hi guys ExplodingCreeper here! I sniped everyone with a SV-98 >:) and won the game

ya'll need to temper that mac-10..  too powerful spray fam


¿Alguien habla español?  // If u can't understand me, traslate it, IT'S IMPORTANT!  Estaba pensando en una actualización de en la que existan servidores privados. No sé que tan complicado sea realizar el proyecto, pero sería una característica única y que atraería a muchas personas al juego.  Estaría conformado de un link, el cual sea compartido entre amigos, los únicos con acceso a la partida. Al ingresar en el link, Podrían agregar un menú para configurar el servidor privado, ya sea por tamaño y cantidad de personas.  Pequeño - 2  - 4 personas - ideal para versus o versus en equipos

Mediano - 5 - 10 personas - para batallas amistosas de amigos

Grande - 10 - 30 personas - para batallas en equipos  o mini-campeonatos entre amigos

Al terminar de configurar el tamaño, quedaría la temática de juego.  -Modo individual -Modo versus en parejas -Modo versus en equipos 

Con la opción de modificar los equipos manualmente y no al azar.

También sería fantástico agregar más mapas para jugar como: desierto, ciudad, bosque o islas.


Si leíste hasta acá, muchas gracias, soy fan del juego y aunque no sea el mejor me encanta jugarlo. Esa de arriba fue una de mis ideas para un servidor privado único para tus amigos sin que otros jugadores puedan unirse, solamente los que tengan el codigo. Me apoyas?

te apoyo 

sí, eso es genial

wheres the double dp28 ?

SUPER JEU pour ce qui aime bien les battle royal !!!!

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