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Random squad, 20 kills.


This is how you win.

Oof, Teaming in solos


Anyone interested in runnin' duos?


Slim Shady ik you

Me too

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I'm creeped out. I've got a super uncommon real name and I just killed someone final 2 with my name spelled correctly too.


New Solo record 14 kills.

i could of got more kills but some kid stole them.


this game is trash


i had dual DEagles


I dus got the first 200 kill game

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gvsdkhiluoj'hi guys


Solo squads. Check out the video of it! 



Too easy.



Gun is good it does g00d shoot, I like desert rian bec@use I die to syrian Air strike in update. 


I agree

WAZZZ UPPP hows the desert rain update to everyone and the 45 acp guns Like the M1A1


okay then

join K0xj

how do I play a dif map?


Invited a one party



Invited a one party

carried them to an easy win


hi I'm a winner

2 QBB-97 

My new record 16 kills then some idiot had to ruin it.

Solo Squad

how do i get hacks

Interesting question. Go here,, and look for a discord server. Join it 


WYVO    join me

why is this game so easy

the Dual deagles shred

nice ;

They were carried

HahAhahah Solo Teaming Up

Who Wanna Duo?

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