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Best. Loadout. Ever.

Look at mine from five days ago


aye anyone got strats on just messing around with players endgame cuz i pretty much get a win every game and i am looking for more challenges when playing

Act like your AFK then when they come up to you for the fist kill whip out your shotgun and kill them

15x scope baby

good guns and btw i know its dark

it says faild to join game what do i do

carried them 

good game 11 kills with a sniper.

soul its david u trasshhhhhhhhhh join my clan to be a pro

Stop with the spas-12 dat shit piss me off I would have won 20 games solo but the game be lacking and dese mtf be cheatin.


It's because u bad


How did I get both of these in a normal game

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The game must really like you if you get that loadout

me and my friends got the win with a pkp and 2 m249!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I play this game usually in school and not a lot at my house XD

How can i login! I want to save my stats and i when i try it dosent work! help pls

go to where it says log in to track ur stats and log in with google


why did they remove duos? Now when I play with my friend i cant go duos. You should have put the way you always do instead of only doing squad and 50v50.

i agree



lead to a great victory of 4 kills with an M1 Garand

you guys should make it so that only good players be medic and not NOOBS!! 

I dont think the game can determine if someones a noob or not. You might be a noob also

+ the fact that captains dont launch the flare half the time

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#Carried XD


we should add a reboot card




I carry

who else is better at solo squads than regular solos?

yo boi i am

Equally good at both

hey tsm thicc butt and theultimate show whats ur numbers i wanna play i cant do discord orr anything btw

Me: *gets 5 kills* Hey, I'm pretty good at this.

*Sees the comments*

Lol I know right

Here's a nice Solo Squad Dub

Here's a nice Solo Duo Dub
easy win

well he did carry me


that damage tho

carried a fake IHASYOU but did really bad in kills im solo squad

shoutout to the same friend

shoutout to my friend


daily dubs

daily dubs





He asked for it so I carried him.


ok so how are old are you people because some of you seem to young to be playing with professionals like meh and im 15


You Are 15 and you still cant speak English correctly?

the kills and the Damage Dealt


New personal record 17 kills

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