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I am nooby



who wants to play gKGF

I just got a high kill rate of 19!

Ihasyou, I think I am qualified to join your squads

I want to play on a ps4 controller  

What the heck

How is there to katanas?

someone probably left it there

This game has gotten too easy

Get carried boi and beat kill record

daily 2???

Carried them

Ur like I will caarryyyyyy

It only took us 5 minutes to win

Invite code: sVbx

who want to play with me duo(now)


for all the laptop players....this game is hard

This game's easy and I play on a laptop without a mouse


I'm too nooby...

how to kill cheaters if they are killing me with the fists from a distance of 25m


The Good: It's free. 

The Bad: cheaters hack game like crazy (auto aim, best weapons etc), can't play solo because everyone teams up because they are terrible at the game, the play mechanics are pretty silly ie shooting someone while backing up means you move slower but even if you hit them it does not slow them down and they punch you to death even though you're shooting them with a Mac-10 / shotgun.

I've been watching this game for a couple months now and while there are updates and additions, none of them address the critical issues outlined above and until they do there is no point in putting much effort into this game.


Agreed. I had a situation in underwater container bunker, i found a lvl 2 armor and lvl 1 helmet, I had a shotgun M870 and blue skin. And someone guy with red skin came to me and i shoot him with 5 meters and guy with red skin he was not be  dead, i was be suprised how guy is not dead i hit him with all spreads, and this guy with no armor,helmet, and red skin he shoot me with same shotgun M870 and he instant kill me in the same distance (5 Meters) 3 spreads from shotgun M870 hit me. My healthbar was be full  and i use one pills and two soda`s and guy instant kill me 

Sorry for bad English :)

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Instead of shoot you mean shot also it's not called blue skin it's called Aquatic Avenger also he is not a hacker he was using two M870s and six hit you so you died or you just are lying

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He had not Aquatic Avenger he had Target Practice red skin read man did i say he have blue skin, you didn`t read this you just wrote a message i didn`t write anywhere the guy have Lime Blue skin . i know that blue skin can be found in undercontainer water bunker i didn`t not what name of this ˝ Lime Blue skin˝ is im not stupid ok. i don`t play this game 2 or 3 hours  per day, i have 19 years old i m hardworker i must make money. But man how you don´t understand me he had not two M870s he had one. When killed me i spectated him and i see he had one M870 not two. I playing this game very long  time from beginning when this game came out and i know what i see. Did i say he had 2 M870s read my message again man you haven`t read it at all 

Lmao, just keep your range and have high adrenaline. Pretty sure the reason why you're dying is because you don't know how to quickswitch (quickly switch to your secondary weapon then switch back, so yo don't have any speed delay, works very well with shotguns and snipers). And remember, you can change your keybinds. Also, most Fists deaths are caused by mobile players. 

You guys should just put upcoming updates on the side of the screen with a ? mark and 50v50 and desert and other in time so people will know when to go on the computer or phone etc

Best. Loadout. Ever.

Look at mine from five days ago

M249 + USAS-12 IS BETTER...

WITH Naginata



aye anyone got strats on just messing around with players endgame cuz i pretty much get a win every game and i am looking for more challenges when playing


Act like your AFK then when they come up to you for the fist kill whip out your shotgun and kill them

15x scope baby

good guns and btw i know its dark

it says faild to join game what do i do


carried them 


good game 11 kills with a sniper.


soul its david u trasshhhhhhhhhh join my clan to be a pro


Stop with the spas-12 dat shit piss me off I would have won 20 games solo but the game be lacking and dese mtf be cheatin.


It's because u bad


How did I get both of these in a normal game

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The game must really like you if you get that loadout

me and my friends got the win with a pkp and 2 m249!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I play this game usually in school and not a lot at my house XD

How can i login! I want to save my stats and i when i try it dosent work! help pls

go to where it says log in to track ur stats and log in with google


why did they remove duos? Now when I play with my friend i cant go duos. You should have put the way you always do instead of only doing squad and 50v50.

i agree



lead to a great victory of 4 kills with an M1 Garand

you guys should make it so that only good players be medic and not NOOBS!! 

I dont think the game can determine if someones a noob or not. You might be a noob also

+ the fact that captains dont launch the flare half the time

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#Carried XD

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